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School Site Council

Site-based management, known as the School Site Council, is a key ingredient to the foundation of Jennings Lodge/Candy Lane School. This committee is made up of  parents, the principal, teachers, and classified staff and  encourages school and community involvement in decision making. 

Some of the advantages of school-based decision making are:

  • Formally recognizes the expertise and competence of those who work in individual schools to make decisions to improve learning.
  • Gives teachers, other staff members, and the community increased input into decisions.
  • Nurtures and stimulates new leaders at all levels.
  • Increases both the quantity and quality of communication. 

The responsibilities of the management team are: 

  • Develop and implement a School Improvement Plan.
  • Act as a conduit for information (two-way communication between parents and school staff). Parents, teachers, and classified members are expected to serve as the conduit between the Council and their respective groups.
  • Help with each building’s volunteer program.