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OAKS Testing Begins April 7th

OAKS testing for grade 3-5 students begins next week.  This is an opportunity for students to show off the knowledge and skills they have developed over the course of the year.  Our goal at Candy Lane is for all students to meet the State Benchmarks and demonstrate success.

For some students testing of any kind can cause anxiety.  Sometimes students may earn a score that represents significant improvement over the previous year but still not pass the test; that growth should be celebrated!  Our goal is to conduct OAKS testing in a positive atmosphere focused on hard effort rather than a particular score.  We want our students to take their testing seriously and do their best; we don’t want students to feel nervous or discouraged.  Please join us in supporting your child in a successful testing environment. 

You can: 

  • Provide your child with a healthy breakfast (and morning snack!) each day.
  • Ensure adequate sleep by establishing a regular bedtime.
  • Be sure your child arrives at school on time so they don’t miss the start of the test.
  • Encourage your child to take their time, think carefully, and do his/her best!
  • Celebrate your child’s efforts and remind him/her how proud you are of them!