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Free children's rain boot program

Make A Splash!

We are excited to share the Early Learning Hub of Clackamas County is launching the ”Make a Splash!” program, which provides free Oaki rain boots to Clackamas County children ages 3-6!

The Early Learning Hub of Clackamas County and Oaki believe the rain boots will provide children an increased opportunity to participate in outdoor play. We encourage children to enjoy the outdoors not only for the physical benefits, but for cognitive, social and emotional development. One of the goals of the Early Learning Hub of Clackamas County is for children to receive the support they need to enter school ready to succeed, and the ‘Make a Splash!’ program supports children having that opportunity.

Our Oaki partners state that, “Exploring and learning in the outdoors is an essential part of childhood development. We believe exploration and exposure to our natural environment will open doors to greater possibilities for learning. Outdoor gear allows children to explore their natural environment, while staying safe and dry.”

Eligibility Requirements

…       Reside in Clackamas County

…       Child between 3-6 years of age.

…       Qualify for any income assistance program: Oregon Trail card, OHP/CHIP, Section 8, WIC - eWIC card, Free/reduced school lunch, TANF, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, Head Start

…       Shoe size 10, 11, 12, or 13

To submit a Request

…       Request form needs to be completely filled out

…       Request forms need to be emailed to Kimberly Lopez at

…       Request forms are on our website

Parents may submit their own application for their child or  have an organization submit the request for them.

Hub partners, when submitting a request form, please submit requests individually. Scan and submit request per each individual family, and include “Make A Splash” in the Subject of the email. Once the request has been processed, the Early Learning Hub of Clackamas County will coordinate the delivery of the rain boots to our partners.

*Rain Boots will be provided on request while supplies last.